Toulouse is a French city situated to the South west side of the country. The city is located in the area known as Midi Pyrenees. Toulouse is a religious city with a number of religious denominations found in the city. The city has a population of about 850,000 people. The people speak French and the native language Occitania. The formal currency used in the city is the Euro.

The river banks of Garonne is where the city is actually found. The city’s old quarter, known to the locals as Vieux Quartier, offers a number of historic buildings, which easily make up part of the city’s tourist attractions. The city’s aerospace industry and space center are a notable part of the city’s attractions. The city is a city of education; a number of French universities are located within the city. The students make up 130,000 of the city’s population. Toulouse university is currently made up of three universities, which were derived from its division. Ville de Lumierre is how the city markets itself as a tourist destination that offers a number of lit sites against the evening sky. The Charles de Gaulle square houses the city’s tourist information office.

Canal du Midi and Garonne river offer a spectacular cruise that is most appropriate to start off the city’s site seeing. The cruise takes off from Jumeaux and Quai de la Daurade points. In line with the city being religious, St. Etienne Cathedrale and St. Sernin Basilique offer remarkable architecture that easily catches anyone’s eyes. The planetarium and Theatre Garonne offer cultural performances, which cultural enthusiasts will truly enjoy. Place du Capitole, a public square, hosts a number of the city’s significant landmarks and sites. Le Capitole, which is Toulouse’s city hall, houses a prestigious opera that offers the venue Theatre Nationale du Capitole. The Roman Amphitheater, Toulouse Purpan, remains can be found at the stadium Halle aux Grains. Le Barzacle, which is a water mill from the medieval times, can also be found at the stadium.

A number of cultural attractions are available all over the city. Various cultural collections and information on the city’s historical background can be found by visiting the Musee labit, St.Raymond Musee and Museum Paul de Puy. The city’s art center, Les Abattoirs, offers both modern and contemporary art displays.

Outside the confines of the city, rolling hills are found. The countryside offers tourists an opportunity to visit wineries while taking in the beautiful view of the foie grass. A selection of Armagnac liqueur can also be sampled from the countryside. The medieval Alibi village, Montaubin, a historic town and St. Bertrand village located on a hilltop are popular tourist sites. Carsassonne, which is the Cathar country’s capital, is a fortified town worth visiting.

Other important information worth knowing about the city include; the country’s code which is +33 and the city’s area code, which is 05. The city’s temperatures average a daily 12 or 54 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit respectively in January and 29 or 84 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit respectively.

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